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News Page.

Guild Brochure
Copies of the brochure are available from the Membership Chair.
L.A.C.E. Guild
Form for Membership;
 New Lacers or Renewals

Due January 1st each year.
Find us on Facebook and become our friend. 2018 Thank You Bobbins
Yardage Club
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Yardage Club Roster
And forms.

NEW - 2 new practice suggestions.
Guild Library
Library Booklist
Revised 2-15-2020
Prints on Legal Size paper.
*Borrower Guidelines.
Guild Newsletter
Kanella is the Editor, Lend a Hand and send her articles.

Sample pages and
distribution guidelines
Reviews of past Lace Days

Floral Bucks Workshop 2019
Torchon Workshop 2018
Milanese-2017 story
L.A.C.E Lace Day 2015

L.A.C.E. Lacing Contests
2020 Lace Rules & Samples
2019 Report of the Winners
2017 R
eport of the Winners
2014 Report of the Winners
2012 Report of the Winners
2010 Report of the Winners
Lace Days


Other Lace Workshops:

Idrija with Allie Marguccio
Click for more information.
October 8-10, 2022
Watch the Facebook page and IOLI Page for on-line workshop listings.

IOLI Volunteer Forms

Hours Report Form
Mail or bring your totals for 2019 to Nancy Tweed at/by the April Meeting.
L.A.C.E. Guild Classes

following the monthly meetings are listed on
home page.

Working Procedures in Lacemaking
Starching Lace
Demonstrating Lace

Papers on Lacemaking

-Open & Closed Methods of Lacemaking.star to draw attention...
-Brief Hist. of Bobbin Lacing
-Identifying Tape Lace


Lend a Hand!
Education is our game.

I.O.L.I. Charter Chapter

New Lace Logo for I.O.L.I.
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