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Needletatting is a specialty of Brenda Glenn.  We thank her for sharing her Pendant with the Website Visitors.May 21st Brend Glenn will lead a study of Needle Tatting with a Pendant she has designed herself. 

Brenda has given permission to have her
pattern shared with our readers here.

Contact the webmaster if you have problems with downloads on this page.

-- Past Free Patterns Still Available --

Periodically we add new free patterns to this page.                                                                             
Please respect the copyright rules
 of the owners of the patterns.

The original "Halloween Cat" by Janice Blair

 "HALLOWEEN CAT"  By Janice Blair 
Featured in 2011 in the L.A.C.E. Guild Newsletter. 

Spider Bookmark Laced by Susie JohnsonSpider Bookmark is the direct result of a lecture by Doris O'Neill.  Access Her lecture script here.
The bookmark shown was laced by Susie Johnson. 
Click here for your PDF copy.

Supplements to the April 2014 L.A.C.E. Newsletter:

Supplement #1:  A Tall Tale: Revisiting a Historical Giraff by Kristina Ott. 
Supplement #2:  Oval Bedfordshire Motif by Sieglinde Eckstein
- printed with permission. (PDF)

Half Stitch Rose"
    by Donna Fousek
Needlelace Owl can become a dress pin.

"NeedleLace Owl" 
By Janice Blair (February, 2014)
Buds and Blossoms by Kathleen
Buds and Blossoms
  by Kathleen Cantwell
Star for I.O.L.I. Convention

Bobbin Lace "Star"   by Janice Blair
Wire Leaf Penant by Janice
Wire Leaf Pendant
  by Janice Blair
Milanese Ornament by Susan

"Milanese Ornament"   by Susan Raymond
Book Weight by Susie
Book Weight
  by Susie Johnson
Cross by Janice
"Cross" by Janice Blair
Baubles Spun in Love by Susie
Baubles Spun in Love"
  A Torchon bookmark by Susie Johnson
Filet Crochet Heart by Diane

"Filet Crochet Heart" by Diane Haber

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