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2020 --

Unfortunately, the Covid 19 Pandemonium has stopped everyone in their lives. LACE has postponed meetings and are now meeting on ZOOM at the President's announcements. Our library location has not yet opened the meeting room to group meetings as yet. Hopefully we will be back to regular meetings soon.

Even the Bank lacers are using a weekly email to keep in touch.  7-7-2020


I am really looking forward to seeing everyone at the January meeting and spending time chatting at our lunch outing.
This year is starting out quite nicely. We, LACE, are preferred partners with the Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois. Our Guild is listed in their Big Book. Girl Scout troops can contact us if they want to learn lacemaking. We have already participated in a Demonstration Activity at the Girl Scout Awards event and this year at their STEW Workshop. The Stew Workshop was a success and as I understand it, Girl Scout leaders are still talking about the class. We were asked to participate again in the 2020 Stew Workshop in September. In addition, I received a request for a couple of workshops during a girl scout camp this coming July. I hope to discuss this at our meeting.
The Lace Workshop is set for June. This year we plan on including a beginners class and a step up your skills class that same weekend. This will give novice lacers an opportunity to work on techniques and increase their skill level.
I would like to offer a couple of beginner classes during the year as well. To assist our new Lace members, the Guild has put together ( Thanks to Brenda) the supplies needed for a great beginner kit. Our newest members thought this would be a great idea and I also noticed other guilds doing the same thing. The kits will include all the necessary items for a new lacer to get started.
Ongoing activities: The Education Committee, headed by Kris Johnson, had done a terrific job introducing and reviewing many lace skills and stitches. Please let Kris know if there is a technique or skill you would like to learn or review. When the committee started there were many members suggesting topics…please don’t be shy.
Many of us are working on the Torchon Squares project. It will be nice to see the final product.
Susie Johnson has proposed a Lace Contest. Janice Blair, created a cute carousel horse pattern. Reminds me of elephants on parade. Should be fun.

It will be a fun, busy year…See you on the 25th

L.A.C.E. President

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