Lacemakers and Collectors Exchange                                                                           

L.A.C.E. News 

Watch for us at Stitches Midwest August 2 - 5, 2018.  We will have a booth demonstrating lace, displaying lace, and offer a chance to try a bit of lace as well.

The PT Lacers
A group of LACE members gets together twice a month at the Old Plank Trail Bank located in Mokena, IL.  They encourage, inspire, instruct, and help each other with lace projects.  Projects can very from finishing a lace pattern started from one of our programs to knitting lace to discussing various lace techniques.  Any members is welcome to join them.  Contact Marianne Vander Zander for dates and directions.

from August 2016 Meeting...
Several dates for demonstrations were announced.  Kris Johnson, Chair of the  of the nominating committee, announced that Brenda Glenn will continue as Secretary and Kanella Diakoumis has been nominated as President.  Discussion continued about having a workshop and beginner class in liew of Lace Day.  Ruth Buck has volunteered to look into workshop possibilities.

from September 2016 Meeting...
Ruth Buck will be sending members a survey to find out in which areas of lace they would enjoy a workshop.  Workshop may be held in 2018 since some members enjoy going to Spring Fling, a Michigan lacing event held in sping on odd years.  Members voted to buy the three volume workbook set titled
Discover, Explore, Master Torchon.

from July 2016 Meeting...
Instead of a Lace Day next year, we are thinking of having a workshop.  IOLI is interested in showing off its membership on Facebook and welcomes photos of lacemakers in action. 
Nancy Jones received a thank you bobbin for her serivce as librarian and as Facebook Administrator.  Susie Johnson received a thank you bobbin for her service as a Webmaster.

from June, 2016 Meeting...
Our newest member, Kathleen Tovey is from Peotone, IL. We now have 32 m3mbers.  Ioli convention is July 17-23 in Indianapolis, Inciana.  Public Day is Wednesday July 20.  July meeting will be on July 30. 
Members attending the convention will talk about their experiences.  Volunteers are needed for the election committee.

from May, 2016 Meeting
We welcomed our new member Lisa Mattingly.  Member Mena Ryan came in from Canada for a visit and showed her lace bookmark from Plarn (Plastic Grocery Bags)  Thank you bobbins were given out to those committee chairs not in attendance last January. 
Guidelines for the Crochet Yardage Club ar almost finalized.  Ruth Buck traveled to Ireland and brought back a piece of Carrickmacross lace to share.

from April, 2016 Meeting
Brenda Glenn received her Yardage Club Certificate in Advanced Bobbin Lace. 
Kathleen Cantwell was voted in as a Lifetime Member for all her contributions to our Guild.  Kathleen has moved to North Caroline.
June's meeting will be at the Lisle Station Museum.  Everyone is to bring a dis to pass.
Brenda will be teaching Needle Tatting in May with her own original design for a pendant.  The pattern is on our webiste.

from March 2016 Meeting...
Contact Kris Johnson if you'd like to borrow a pillow for the IOLI convention.  $30 deposit is refundable upon return of the pillow. 
The July meeting date was changed from 7/16 to 7/30 (last Sat. of the month.)

from February 2016 Meeting...
Kanella Diakoumis and Nancy Jones have been appointed as Lace Day Chairs.  Kanella is investigating getting a booth for LACE at Stitches (August 4-7, Schaumburg, IL) and/or Original Sewing and Quilt Expo (October 13-15, Schaumburg, IL)
Volunteers needed to demonstrate lacemaking on Aprili 23-24 (Kline Creek Farm LAmb and Wool Festival, West Chicago, IL; contact Donna Fousek) and June 4 (Cabin Festival, Morris, IL: contact Susie Johnson).  Both events require period dress.

from January 2016 Meeting...
Membership Chair reports we have 26 paid members and 2 life members. Kris Johnson and Janet Frederickson will audit the Treasurer's records.  New and continuing Officers announced:  Vice-President Marianne Vander Zanden, Treasurer Kristina Ott, Membership Chair Donna Tufano.
Motion passed to contribut $75 to IOLI library in Memory of Mike Loibl. 
Motion passed to give thank you bobbins to officers for past year's service.

President Donna pinned Kate Wild with the Past President's Pin at the February meeting.

President Donna pinned Kate Wild
with the Past President's Pin
at the February Meeting. 
Kate was our 2014-2015 President.


Teneriffe with large and small wheels

The L.A.C.E. Newsletter, January, 2016 was distributed at the January meeting of L.A.C.E.  One article in particular is exceptional and we are introducing it here.  It is entitled "Teneriffe and Ñanduti Lace" and was written by Kate Wild.

      During the 15th century, Spain conquered the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa bringing families to settle the islands, Tenerife.  During this time in Spain a type of drawn work, Sol Lace (sun lace) was being done and likely came to the islands with them.  This type of lace work was used to fill in the empty square made from the drawn threads on a background fabric, normally linen, by laying threads down in a circular fashion, similar to the spokes of a wheel, then embroidering over the threads to resemble a spider's web. 

To continue the article
click here.


Mike Loibl works on a Christmas Ornament with Donna FousekLifetime member Mike Loibl Deceased.

Some very said news.  Mike died peacefully last night around 7 Chicago time. (Oct. 27, 2015) Jenny was with her so that was a good thing.  She had been failing for a week or so and before that she was in decline.  I saw her about two weeks ago, and she was still alert, though sometimes confused.  Essentially she could not longer breath even with oxygen. (from Laurel McKee.)

PHOTO: Mike Loibl working on a Christmas ornament with Donna Fousek. 
October, 2006.

October 2015 Greetings from our President Includes End of the Year Summary of Events.

Summer has come and gone. The leaves are changing and there is a bit of a nip in the air letting us know of what is to come. Now it
is time to reflect on all the fun we had lacing. I am sure Kanella Diakoumis and Nancy Jones the Co-Chairs are still trying to recover from a very successful Lace Day. Though it was in June a lot of lacing has happened since to make it seem a long time back. Manyof us went to Coralville, Iowa for the IOLI annual convention. Some of us spent the whole week lacing and others showed up for the one-day classes and took advantage of the vendor area. Next year it is being hosted by the Lafayette Lacers in Indianapolis. There have also been a lot of us demonstrating at local fairs and shows. I hope we all were able to free up a pillow or two to make space for next year's projects. I myself hope to start a small holiday project to give as a gift. Notice I did not say for what year.  I would also like to thank all our officers who are finishing up their terms: Sharon Williams for being Vice President and Kristina Ott for being the Treasurer. You both did a great job. Don’t forget to renew your membership. Dues are still $1 6.00 for the year and are due by January 1 st. You can renew at the meetings or mail them to our Membership chair Marianne Vander-Zanden. Please be prompt and do not let your membership lapse--you might miss out on some important lace fun. Also, don’t forget about our January lunch. I am hoping we go back to the Bavarian Inn. Happy Lacing!

July Meeting Notes by Kate Wild

Welcomed new member Pam Robinson and returning member Peggy Wessel. A new membership list will be emailed with updated information.
Discussed having our Lace Day on even years instead of odd years to avoid conflicting with other guilds having their Lace Days.
Discussed having a presence at Stitches and/or the Sewing Expo next year to get the guild's name out and attract new members.
Volunteers are needed to demonstrate at Naper Settlement and Lisle Depot Days.
Thank-you bobbins will be painted by Karen Paulling.

August Meeting Notes by Kate Wild

Membership Chair Marianne Vander-Zanden will start collecting dues in October.
Librarian Nancy Jones announced new magazines arrived and will be brought to the September meeting to be passed around.
Nancy Tweed reported the IOLI Convention in Iowa was a success and members who attended had a good time.
Deadline for October's newsletter is end of September.

September Meeting notes by Kate Wild

Welcomed visitor Ruth Buck.
Marianne Vander-Zanden volunteered for the position of Vice President and Kristina Ott for Treasurer for next year.
Members will be demonstrating at the Autumn Pioneer Festival in Belvidere, IL on September 26 and 27.

New Member Pamela Robinson-Crawford

Pamela Robinson-Crawford of Downers Grove, IL joined us in June after visiting the guild's Lace Day 201 5. Conveniently, her home was within walking distance of the Downers Grove VFW! She learned how to needle tat right at Lace Day with help from Kanella Diakoumis and her goal is to continue exploring methods of making lace. Pam is an experienced needlewoman and belongs to the Hinsdale Embroidery Guild. She says, "I love to read, travel, learn foreign languages, sew, do genealogy research and do needlework of all kinds--especially Blackwork, Hardanger, cross stitch, ribbon embroidery, English paper piecing and quilt applique. "  Welcome Pam!

IOLI 2015 Convention Attendees Give Their Thoughts

Nancy Jones:
I only went for one day. I got there the night before and crashed with another group member. I liked the hotel overall, especially the library. The Iowa Writers’ Workshop is located at the University of Iowa, which is just down the road, and they had works by the writers from that group (7 of whom have won Pulitzer Prizes). The food, I will have to say, I wasn’t so fond of. I enjoyed looking at the teachers’ exhibits of what teachers were teaching or going to teach in Indianapolis. Most of their work was absolutely exquisite. I really wanted to take some of their classes, even though I don’t have the skills to make most of it yet. I took one full-day class on Wednesday. It was about the right length for learning the skill being taught. I had a harder time with it and only got about half of the bookmark done, but the more experienced lacers got the entire bookmark done. The class was adding and removing colors invisibly by Susan Wenzel. And the bookmark was in Torchon, but the same technique is used in ‘sGravensmoer lace as well. The class was nearly full and she will be teaching it again in Indianapolis.

Kristina Ott:
Teneriffe by K.Ott
This was my first IOLI convention but certainly not my last since I enjoyed myself thoroughly! I took four classes, Beginning Bucks Point, Metallic Traditions in Bobbin Lace, Mastering the Bolster Pillow and Teneriffe/Sol Lace, and was as busy as I expected, literally running to classes at the far ends of the conference center every morning and afternoon. I also fit in shopping, looking at the Lace Exhibit, viewing the Instructors' Exhibition and various lectures. Highlights of the week included watching visiting Dutch lacemaker Riet Sipman Janssen in the Lace Exhibit area deftly using her bent needle tool to put the finishing roll on a Withof leaf (next to the table-size Withof piece she was finishing) telling me in her charming accented English that "de reasson iss to make it washable you see" and handing me her card to contact her should I desire; seeing lacer and former journalist Jane Atkinson's program on the value of doing handwork; and of course, the classes. Two of my instructors especially, Karen Bovard of Teneriffe/Sol Lace and Kim Davis of Metallic Traditions in Bobbin Lace, brought their area of expertise to life for me providing what I consider to be an ideal class-- practical knowlege and experience but then many dips into the beyond of materials, history, and design. In short, the week gave me INSPIRATION galore.

Donna Fousek:
Donna's work
This was my third convention. I signed up for Jean Leader's beginner's Beds. I dedicated the whole week to the study of Bedfordshire. Everyone in the class learned a lot and had a great time doing that. Jean is well knowledgeable with the Beds and was always available to answer any question I had. The Doris Southard Lace Guild did a great job getting the convention organized. Hats off to them. Got caught up with old friends and made new ones. Hope to make it to Indy next year.





Brenda Glenn:
I did not attend a class but stayed all week at the hotel with two friends and enjoyed the convention a lot. The vending room was great (I had some things on a vending table) and the program for the banquet was fabulous. The antique hats were a hit. I did get some lace and some knitting done and helped in the beginners' class on Thursday for a little while. I thought that everything went well but communication of events could have been better. I was glad to see those of you who came for just the one day to take in the vending room and or to do a class. I think everyone had a very nice experience.

June 20th - Lace-In News

On June 20th, an after lace day lace-in was held.  Six memers showed up to work on our projects started at Lace Day.
The Lace-In was held at the Museums at Lisle Station Park. It was a great time and a lot of work was accomplished on the projects. 
Plans are under way to have another one soon. Click here for a photo story in pdf.

  Diane HaberDonna Fousek    Nancy Tweed  Nancy Tweed  Sharon WilliamsLisle Station bulding.

June 6th 2015 Lace Day


April 2015 Meeting

Schneeburger laceBrenda Glenn led a class on Schneeburger. 
Most all the meeting attendees tried the project. etc.




September 2014 Meeting

11 members were present.  Kristina Ott will be the new Newsletter Editor. .Diana S. is now a member of the yardage club.  The January Luncheon will be at Jimmy’s Island Grill.

As of June, there are 219 members on our FaceBook page.  (In September there were 171 visits made to LACE Website.)

Show & Tell: Doris O. announced a Civil War quilt showing in Lockport State Museum ending Oct. 17; Sharon W. brought her piece of Passementerie and Brenda G. showed 2 Schneeberger
        books and her completed Romanian Point necklace. Kate W. brought an amulet bag from inkle weaving hung on a Kumihimo cording.

NAncy J. teaching dorset buttons.Nancy Jones presented the afternoon program of Dorset buttons.      




August Meeting 

10  members present and 1 guest; Gena Green were in attendance.  Our Guild has received a certificate of recognition from I.O.L.I. for having over 1,000 volunteer hours in one year.

By-law changes were voted on and passed.  Janice B. won first place for Original Design at the I.O.L.I. convention with a gold necklace.

Show & Tell: Diane H. brought some magazines. Kris J. showed a strip of Pettersen lace and Brenda G. finished her project from last month. Kate W. brought samples for next month’s
         project. David showed Blackwork embroidery.

The afternoon program was Passementerie – various braids by Kris Johnson. 

July Meeting

13 members were present and 1 guest, Peggy Wessel who has since joined the Guild.  The American Legion room has been obtained for Lace Day 2015.

Kris J. has completed  7 yards Torchon lace for the yardage club.  Also, Kris J. will be sending out birthday cards so make sure you send her your
        birth date — month and date will do.

Lace Contest 2014Elephant contest  judging was held after the meeting. Participants and winners are announced elsewhere Fall 2014 newsletter.

Show & Tell:  Diane H. showed her Schneeberger butterfly and flower, Kanella D. showed needlelace pieces and a Mediterranean Knotted Lace piece she found. Marianne VZ
        showed her Kumihimo braid as did Kate W.;  Brenda G. brought a Schneeberger book. Diane S. brought 3 framed motifs she made and a large antique piece she found.     
        Donna F. showed her unfinished elephant.

Diane H. presented the afternoon program of Schneeberger lace project.  

June Meeting

· 15 members were present and one guest – Gina Green.

Braid with 16 threads· Diane H. will teach Schneeberger at next months meeting.

· Magazine subscriptions have been renewed for one more year. Doris recommended a book on Idrija lace mentioned in the OIDFA bulletin.

· Changes to the by-laws were discussed.  Discussion to be continued.

· Reminder to turn in the Bio sheet and the elephant contest will be held at July meeting.

· Trade Days is on Sunday, July 27th at the Naper Settlement from 1-4 p.m.  They are asking for volunteers to demonstrate lace making.

· Show & Tell: Doris brought in The Beauty of Nature: a Lace Express. Gina brought a small sample of lace she made 30 year ago.  Diane brought in the February 1888 Dorcas magazine. Susie is still working on the tatted Spring Doily (she is on round 6 of 13).

David Wilson presented a program on Kumihimo in the afternoon.
  Braid in the photo is by Susie J.

May Meeting

· 9 members were present.

· David W. changed his program for June to Kumihimo disc braids.

· The total of the members volunteer hours sent to I.O.L.I. ws 1,067.6 hours.

· By-laws changes are being discussed. Discussion to be continued.

Show & Tell: Kris J. brought in a Tonder lace book. Donna F. showed patterns she recently taught and brought in recent issue of Cross and Twist.
Doris brought in Lace Express.

The afternoon program was BYOP.(Bring your own project.)

Janice Blair displays her cake for the going away party.
April 2014 Meeting:

14 members attended this meeting. The Spring Newsletter was passed out at this meeting.

Janice Blair had announced they have a buyer for her house, so President Kate brought a cake, card, and announced that Janice Blair is now a life Member.   The cake was marble chocolate and vanilla and everyone enjoyed it with her. 

Nancy Jones and Kanella Diakoumis have volunteered to Chair the next Lace Day.  Diane Haber informed the group that the Lafayette Lacers would share teacher expenses with us for a workshop.
Janice brought several items for sale.  New demonstration dates were discussed.

Two needlelace books will be purchased for our library.  Piecework magazine will have an article on bobbin lace written by Dianne Smith.

Show & Tell:  Doris brought an IODFA back issue which has an article about the Cedar Rapids
 Museum. Janice B. knitting a cowl. Susie brought in her tatting-in-progress. Donna brought a
 National Geographic which has an article on lace and Dianne brought in a scarf done with hand
 spun fiber and used crochet chains for bobbin lace.

For the class after the meeting, Donna Fousek presented everyone with fabric and lace and taught us how to sew lace to fabric using the pin stitch.

JaneOConnor_Cloth Stitch Variation March_2014.
March 2014 Meeting:
Nancy Tweed requested that the 15 members present and otherwise turn in their volunteer hours for her report to IOLI.  She also reported that the Magazine subscriptions have been renewed.  Sharon Williams reports that all of the months are filled with programs for the year.  The President is looking for Lace Day Day Chairperson and a new newsletter editor. 

The afternoon lesson was a variation of a cloth stitch technique presented by Jane O'Connor.

Janice's Needlelace Owl.
February 2014 Meeting:
The Membership Chairperson reminded the 14 members in attendance that dues are bing accepted.  A budget for book purchases from a preferred list has been established.  Janice Blair brought three books and her magnificient giraffe for show and tell and Krish Johnson showed an afghan she is working on.  The afternoon class was on Needlelace.  The members would make an owl under the direction of Janice Blair.  This is the third less on Needlelace from Janice.

Photo of members at Annual LuncheonJanuary 2014 Meeting:
10 members attended the meeting and witnessed the installation of the new officers.  Thank-You bobbins were awarded. (See membership page for list of recipients.)  A Guild contest was announced...members are to finish the outline of an Elephant by any method they choose as long as the outline is unchanged. Contest based on voter's choice will be decided at the October 2014 meeting.  Awards go to the two top winners.  Contest instructions are on the Membership Page of the website. 

The annual luncheon was attended by 8 members.  The editor missed this meeting for the newsletters were mailed as well as emailed.

November 2013 Meeting:
The Newsletter editors asked the 13 members present if anyone has not turned in a biography so new members can be better introduced to the membeship.  The webmaster is also looking for new lace photos to add to the member albums.  The newsletter editors also announced at this meeting that their last issue will be October, 2014.
Petterson Lace Sample
The slate of officers has been elected: Treasurer - Kristina Ott.  Vice-President - Sharon William.

The class for today was a Pettersson Lace Lesson presented by Kris Johnson and Brenda Glenn.

Chrysanthemum heart by Kathleen CantrellOctober 2014 Meeting:
12 Members attended the meeting.  The membership chairperson has begun collecting 2014 dues. Nominated officers for the next term are Kristina Ott, Treasurer and Sharon William, Vice-President.  It was decided that the January Luncheon will be at Jimmy's Island Grill.  The Guild Library is now housed at Librarian Nancy Jones' office.  We will continue to meet at the library in 2014.  Many pieces of Chrysanthemum lace was displayed resulting from our Debbie Beever workshop.  The Class was BYOP and Susis J. Present the working strategies for the Stott Mobile pattern to those who were interested.
The L.A.C.E. Newsletter was distributed at this meeting.

September 2014 Meeting:
The September meeting was attended by 13 members.   Logo shirts were on order to Kris Johnson for $25.00.  The IOLI Convention for 2015 will be in Cedar Rapids, IA and 2016 will be in Indianapolis, IN.  Several members brought Show & Tell.  The class was BYOP (Bring Your Own Project)

Teneriffe sampleAugust 2013 Meeting:
18 members attend the meeting. Kathleen Cantwell informed us that she iwll be moving to North Carolina end of Oct.  We quickly had to absorb all of Kathleen's jobs and wished her well.  We also found out that Dianna Smith has submitted an article to Piecework Magazine for a reproduction of an antique lace pattern.  Kate Wild presented the class on Teneriffe Lace.

Knitted lace edging-July Class 2013July 2013 Meeting: 
Class after the meeting was
David Wilson who lead us in beginning a Knitted Lace Edging.

The newsletter was distributed at this meeting.

LACE DAY 2013:
The one item I cannot get out of my mind was the success of members volunteering:
  filling chairpersons jobs on the spot, even creating activities as we moved along, and June 8th, all the wonderful assistance that was blooming all over the place.   I would be remiss if I did not mention those members who came early and left late because they were so wonderful to help set up, tear down, and help the vendors load their cars. 
This guild was supportive of their chairpersons and went out of their way to help: it was just wonderful.  The Lace Day Page is still up and a photo album has been added to that page.  --Susie Johnson, Chairman.

May 2013 Meeting:
16 members were present and 1 guest – Cheryl Wright. Debbie Beever’s classes have the minimum number needed.  More openings are available. Contact Kathleen.  Kathleen is now housing the Guild’s library.  Nancy T. needs items for the Lace Exhibit Lace Day.  There are still openings for
Idrija Lace projectLace Day classes. Sign up has been extended to June 1.  We have been asked to demo at Naper Settlement July 28th.  We will be demonstrating at Lisle Depot Days the second weekend in September.  Show & Tell: Susie J. showed a tatted star from the pattern in the last L.A.C.E. newsletter. Janice B. is knitting a shawl and completed an Idrija heart. Kathleen C. made a necklace and earrings and brought in Thread Zap II which will cut and seal your thread. Marianne V. showed some Torchon lace strips and a piece of silk with a bobbin lace design on it. Donna F. showed a crocheted bunny purse and the book with the pattern. Donna also showed a tatted project. Doris O. brought some Idrija related articles and a collar in Idrija as well as a cloth with teneriffe on it. Janet F. brought in the latest Piecework and a knitted lace edging. Kate W. showed teneriffe lace flyers by Judy Mayo. She also brought The Borris Lace Collection book and Mediterranean Knotted Lace books.
The afternoon class was an Idrija lace motif given by Diane Haber.

April 2013 Meeting:
14 were members present. 1 guest - Cheryl Wright.  Kathleen Cantwell has asked for volunteer hours and a materials list for
programs. She also is accepting signups for Debby Beever’s classes to be held weekend of Oct. 4 - 6.  Susie Johnson has the Flanders pattern for those who are taking the class and reminded all to pay for the classes they want to take Lace Day. Also to bring items for the display table and to submit a book list of books they wish to see Lace Day. Three Twist and Cross magazines have arrived and are in the library.
Lace Day bobbins will have decals instead of painting and a seahorse laced by Doris O‘Neill will be used as decoration. Show & Tell: Nancy T. brought her completed sample of Spania Dolina and a small framed Torchon lace cross. Donna F. brought her finished sample of Annie’s Amazing Shawl. Susie J finished her sample of Spania Dolina; a Bruges piece entitled “Walkabout” and a Beds motif. Guest Cheryl W. showed samples of tatting and bobbin lace she has done. Diane H. brought in 3 samples of the Idrija pattern, practice piece for next month’s lesson.
The afternoon class was "Differences Among Tape Laces" by Doris O’Neill. 

March 2013 Meeting:
17 members were present including a new member, Debbie Podbregar.  Debbie Beever will be conducting a workshop the Weekend of October 4-6. Spania Dolina Lace MArch 2013 class project.Friday and Saturday will be on Chrysanthemum Lace at the Clarendon Hills Library.  Sunday, October 6, Debbie B. will be presenting a Bling Necklace Workshop in the morning and Passementerie Workshop in the afternoon at the Lisle Depot Museum.  IOLI Bulletin will be brought to the meetings for 3 months after arrival; can be checked out after the 3 months.  Show & Tell: Janice B. brought tatting books for sale and a needle lace Easter egg.  Dianna S. brought in a bobbin lace heart shaped bookmark in Habu silk and wire.  Kris J. and Brenda G. presented the afternoon program on Spania Dolina Lace

February 2013 Meeting:
13 members were present and 2 guests: Jim and Debbie Podbregar.  Programs are filled for this year.  IOLI bobbin order form handed out, Indiana Lace Day contest “Lace in Bloom” April 13, 2013 and Heritage Lacers in MN will have a tatted flower workshop June 22-23, 2013. ¨ Historian Dawn N. received newspaper clippings from Janice B. and IOLI pattern disk for 2012.  3 magazines will be subscribed to by the Guild – Lace Guild, Cross & Twist and Lace Express.  Kathleen C. will house the library, hours yet to be set. Janice B. donated back issues of Lace Maker and some magazines from New Zealand to the library.  Show & Tell: Diane H. Idrija lace she will be teaching; Nancy T. heart piece from convention; Brenda G. knitted hat and expandable bag; Kris J. Spania Dolinia Lace sample; Susie J. tatting sample using buttons in the design.  ¨ Afternoon program was BYOP.

January 2013 Meeting:
Annual Banquet 201315 members were present. 2 guests – Patricia Lamesch who has joined the Guild and Hedy Gansinger. New President, Kate Wild was installed, gifts given to outgoing officers. 
Thank You bobbins (PDF) given out to  teachers and committee heads.  Next meeting to be at Lisle Depot Museum due to library construction. Show & Tell: Janice B. brought in her Lester piece Convolvulus, knitted fingerless mittens, needle lace pattern, lace wrist warmers and a Tunisian scarf. Diane H. showed her Idrija lace collar; Donna F. brought in a crocheted shawl; Marianne V. brought spool knitted and beaded necklaces; Susie J. also showed a spool knitted necklace, Viking knitting necklace and tatted ornaments; David brought in lined drawstring bags. We adjourned to the Bohemian Crystal Restaurant for lunch.

The following officers for 2013-2014 were elected at the November Meeting.  They are to be installed in the January 2013 Annual Meeting.
        President is Kate Wild. 
        Secretary is David Wilson. 
        Vice President Kathleen and Treasurer Nancy remain in their positions until December 2013


There have also been changes in one other position. 
        Marianne Vander Zanden is now Membership Chairperson.

A complete list of officers is available on the
About Us page.


OrnamentNovember 2012 Meeting: 
Thirteen members were present.  Vice-President Kathleen discussed the IOLI 60 year Anniversary Bobbins for sale for $20.00 plus shipping and handling.  Kate Wild has been elected President and David Wilson retains the Secretary position for 2013-2014.  President Donna reminded everyone that name tags must be worn starting Jan 1 or pay a 25cent fine.  Show and Tell was rather lengthy this time...  Doris O. brought OIDFA magazines and a Lappet Book by OIDFA sent to members free.  She also brought in her flower based on the original pattern. Janice B. brought some plastic bobbins for the Guild; a magazine light, a fan case, Lace Magazine, a mug with artwork insert possible and showed her needlelace rendering of her house for the Lace Street show.  Susie J. brought two knitted market bags (Pattern from Interweave website) and a lace waste bag with a pin cushion attached. Kristina O. brought her finished flower.  Donna had extras of her flower pattern.  The program was techniques of lacing a round ornament by Janice Blair. 


Donna's class project

October 2012 meeting:  13 members attended.  Dues are now being collected.  $16.00 for 2013.  November's program will be a round bobbin lace ornament presented by Janice Blair.  We received the Charter Chapter copy for he pattern CD from IOLI.  It will be kept in the library.  Webshots is being dismantled.  The Webmaster is researching alternatives.  International Organization of Lace, Inc. has changed it's mailing address to P.O. Box 132, Paola, KS 66071-0132.  The new IOLI logo design deadline is January 1.  The Nomination Committee is hoping to fill a Secretary and President position for 2013-2014.  Be reminded that you must wear your L.A.C.E. Name Tags to the meetings or you will be fined.  Show and tell was fun.  Diane H. showed her first tatting project from an on-line class.  Ellen T. brought a round crochet shawl and a WIP cardigan in crochet link stitch.  Kate W. Showed a tablet weaving necklace and bracelet.  Doris O. brought the IOLI Bulletin and OIDFA magazine.  Jane O. made Donna's flower and a rose from a Kortelahti pattern.  Donna F. gave the program on the lace flower pattern and felt flowers were made as a quick way to show how to finish the lace flower.  Flower by Donna

flower from Sept classSeptember 2012 Meeting 16 members were present.  January is the deadline for IOLI logo submissions.  Nominating committee has been appointed. David W. is willing to stand for secretary.  Lace Day classes firmed up and Point de Paris will be given by Susan Groh Saturday.  The Nook will be a vendor as well as teach a class in knitting.  Name tags must be worn starting in January or you will be fined 25¢.  Show & Tell:  Donna F. brought in award winning crochet and a needle lace piece from convention. Ellen T. brought in a doll. Kathleen C. brought in her chrysanthemum heart. Janice B. brought her angel from IOLI : and a crocodile stitch scarf. Nancy T. showed an entredeux hanky she found in an antique store. Diane wore a needle lace necklace.  Program was presented by Carol Perry and Marianne Vander Zanden – Kanzashi Flowers with tatted trim. 

Flower by Diane H. 


Angel-JaniceB2012Donna Fousek's Project

Once again our guild members were prize winners at the IOLI Convention Contests 2012...

Congratulation to Janice B. for her needlelace, you do our guild proud.

Donna F. entered into the Crocheted Olympics and came in 2nd place. 
This is Donna's second time in competition at IOLI.


August 2012 Meeting 12 members were present.  IOLI has changed its name to International Organization of Lace, Inc. A year transition period is in effect.  IOLI is accepting submissions for a new logo. A committee to establish the guidelines for the new logo is being set up.  IOLI is also looking for an IOLI Bulletin Editor.  More Lace Day vendors and classes are being scheduled.  Show & Tell:  Kathleen C. brought  a leaflet of lace patterns , a chrysanthemum lace piece in progress, books and flyers on this type of lace and a crocodile stitch hat she finished.  Diane H. brought  a butterfly tape lace and a book of lace birds. Kate W. finished her tablet weaving piece and brought 2 books plus internet resources on Tenerife lace. Dianna S. brought 18” piece of bobbin lace to be trim on a dress bodice, a baby blanket in lace knitting and a piece of tatting supplemented with needle weaving. David W. brought in a pair of back strap bookmarks he made. Kathy W. showed a crochet collar she is working on.  The afternoon program was BYOP.

Origami Box - July 2012

 July 2012 Meeting Lace Day page and our web page has been updated. You can add to your album.  There will now be a 25¢ fine for not wearing your name tag beginning January 1, 2013.  Lace Day vendor will be Unique Expressions of Missouri. Susan Groh will also teach a workshop class on Friday prior to lace day on Flanders Ground. LACE members have first sign-up. 12 maximum allowed.  Additional Lace Day classes are being discussed.  Yardage Club presentation was made to Kristina Ott, Novice Category, for completing 2 yards of Torchon lace. (Her photo appeared in the Summer, 2012 issue of L.A.C.E.)  Show & Tell: Janice B. finished her bobbin lace scarf and a needle lace collar. Donna F. brought in a “Smart Cart” tote which folds up for easy storage. The program was an origami box designed by Tomoko Fuse, presented by David Wilson and Family.  Illustration by David W.

 The June 2012 meeting was attended by 14 members.  One member was inducted into the Yardage Club.  Janice Blair in Advanced Class.  Kristen Ott will be inducted in Novice Class next month.  There was discussion on a possible beginners class, but the subject was tabled for more discussion at a later date.  We are adding a classified ad column in our newsletter on on the Membership Page of our website.  David Wilson showed the origami box he is teaching next month.  Janice Blair gave us some hints on making a homemade block pillow such as she had with her.  Several members had works in progress while the meeting commenced.  The program was the crocheted crocodile stitch taught by Ellen Tudor.

The May 2012 meeting was attended by 12 members.  Two new members were inducted into the Yardage Club.  Ellen Tudor in Novice and Diane Haber in Advanced.  The afternoon class on Textile Preservation by Nancy Jones was very informative.  Nancy cleared up a lot of terms concerning archival storage materials.  She brought some supplies with her and offered that if anyone sees something on her website they are interested in - to let her know.  Archival of linens and lace is an important subject and this presentation was well attended.

The April 2012 meeting was attended by 12 members.  Lively discussion continued through the meeting.  Lace Day Chairs announced that they had secured the American Legion Hall in Downers Grove for June 8, 2013 for the next Lace Day.  Watch the Lace Day page for more information as the members of the committee move along and secure vendors and eventually classes.  Supplies were transferred to Kathleen Cantwell's care so they will be closer to the meetings.  A donation is being made to IOLI Library in memory of Regina Brummett who was a member from 2009. 

The Egg contest was held and officiated by Jane O'Connor.  Only four entries were received.  Janice Blair "egg" was given first place, Donna Haber's was second.  Doris O'Neill and Susie Johnson tied for last place.  The eggs were beautiful.  See member page for more information.

Magnetic bookmarkAfter the general meeting and lunch, the lesson of starting a new project actually was laid aside and we began working on the IOLI trinket that would be distributed to the attendees at the IOLI Convention.  Ours will be a magnet bookmark.  Diane Haber presented the idea which was accepted immediately.  Janice Blair shopped and prepared the bookmark from blank greeting cards.  A bit of lace was added to the front and Janice's boss donated magnets to the cause.  Susie Johnson prepared a label that declares "Come Lace With Us!"  At the meeting Janice directed the group to form three "stations"  The first group trimmed the magnets, the second group inserted the magnets into the bookmarks and the final station checked to be sure the lace was secure and attached the labels to the back.  The bookmarks are lovely.  We just forgot to make enough for ourselves.  One is being held for the historian's box, but the rest (250) was boxed and Nancy Tweed will mail them to IOLI for us. 

Oh, we never really got to the lesson.  But we had a grand time assembling the bookmarks. 

The Second Class of the year:  Janice Blair had a very nice sized class for Needlelace in March.  Her instructions were easy to follow so the crowd moved along pretty well.  Members who joined in the last year were not here when we did the larger sized piece.  The 100/2 Silk thread was a bit of a challenge.

The March 2012 meeting was a busy one.  Unfortunately President Donna could not attend, so Vice-President Kathleen presided over the meeting. Only one motion was passed and that was one concerning the reading of the minutes.  Secretary David Wilson has always sent the minutes out prior to the meeting. The only change is that David will no longer read them at the meeting. So please take time to read the minutes before you come to the meetings.  The President will ask for questions concerning the minutes so you must read ahead and be prepared.

Janice Blair, teacher for the March Lace Class, has already sent out the Needle Lace base instructions to the members.  She also presented a short description during the February Class to help the members get started on the preparations.  If you had trouble with the download of the notes, contact the webmaster for a sheet.

22 members attended the meeting held February 18th, 2012.  This is the largest attendance we have had in a very long while.  It was fun to finally put faces to some of the names of members who had not yet made it to a meeting.

Lace Day Chairman for the 2013 event was announced at the February Meeting.  Susie Johnson will be assisted by Jane O'Connor.

Kathleen Cantwell, program Chairman, and Susie Johnson presented the first class of the year at the February meeting entitled "Beginners and Intermediate Lacers Start-Up."  It was hoped to present information and patterns to enable beginning lacers a chance to pick patterns, ask questions and become more familiar with resources, tools, techniques and etc.  Handouts were emailed to members so they could print their own copies.  Hopefully from this class, members will pick a project and join in on the April lesson which is "Bring Your Own New Project" where each member will explain how they prepared for the project.  This will also give members a chance to ask questions and get help.

Thank-you bobbins were distributed at the February 2012 meeting. 
Thank-you bobbins honor those members who served two years as officers for the guild, long serving chairmen who are retiring from their positions and those who have taught classes after meetings during the year and at Lace Day 2011.  You can open a list of the recipients by clicking
here.  Serving with Vice-President and Thank-You Bobbin Chairman were Janice Blair and Jane O'Connor.  Painting on the bobbins was done by member Kate Wild.  President Donna presented retiring Officers with a gift.

We are saddened by the death of Doris Southard (1912 - 2011), and
Irma Ostermann (1918 - 2011): two lacemakers, authors and teachers, in December.

The Winter Issue of L.A.C.E. Newsletter was mailed to the membership since the January 2012 meeting and banquet was cancelled..    E-mail versions were also sent out.

The following officers for 2012 - 1013 were elected at the November Meeting.
        Vice-President is Kathleen Cantwell. 
        Treasurer is Nancy Tweed. 
        President Donna and Secretary David remain in their positions until December 2012

There have also been changes in two other positions. 
        Nancy Jones is now the Facebook Administrator. 
        Susie Johnson is the Webmaster. 

A complete list of officers is available on the
About Us page.

A candidate is being sought for the Lace Day Chairman 2013.

Members who came back from the I.O.L.I. Convention 2011 with awards:
    Janice Blair entered the technical category with a Needlelace piece entitled "Paul Revere"  She won first place.
    Janice also entered the original design category with a Milanese bobbin lace piece entitled "Santa Maria".  She won a third place in original design and this piece also won the Popular Vote.
Click here to visit Janice's webpage featuring her winning lace pieces.  The 2011 winning pieces are on the bottom of the page.
    Donna Fousek entered the tatting competition and won the Red Lantern Award in the beginner's category.
    It is nice to see our members enter the activities in the I.O.L.I. events and make us proud.

Long time member and friend Janet Bingle passed away.  She is greatly missed.  (1917-2011)

Lace Day 2011 was chaired by Diane Haber.  Her co-chairman was Kris Johnson. The successes of this event are outstanding!
Click here for a summary of the event.

Lace members celebrated their 20th Anniversary at the October, 2010 meeting.  A pdf page can be downloaded by clicking here.

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