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2020 Workshops

June 26 - 27 - Workshop on Hinajosa is the lace selected for this years Lace Day. We are planning a beginner's class and a next-step class. Ruth Buck is searching for an instructor at this time.

An Album of our recent October Workshop on Chrysanthemum Lace, Bling Bobbin Lace Jewelry and Passementerie lace can be viewed by clicking here.  Our teacher was Deborah Beever, Workshop organizer was Kathleen Cantwell.  Teacher hostess was Nancy Tweed and our Site Coordinator was Donna Fousek.  
This workshop was held at the Museums at Lisle Station Park  Click for a map to this location.   We hope you enjoy our photos.


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Deborah has studied and taught lacemaking techniques for 29 years. She has held various offices for IOLI, serving as president and chairing 2 conventions. She has been certified as an instructor, founded The Lacemakers' Guild of Oklahoma, and, for many years, been an historian, appraiser, author, consultant and active in lace identification. Deborah has been an instructor at many IOLI conventions and has a portfolio of over 20 workshops covering a variety of bobbin lace techniques. She has a special interest in design and the laces of Mirecourt, Cluny, Le Puy, Chrysanthemum and Honiton.

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