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February 15 - Hinojosa Lace  - Kernal and Rice Stitches with Donna Fousek. Requires a standard lace pillow with 11 pairs wound with DMC 80 or Lizabeth 20. Requires 1 worker pair wound 1 yard per bobbin. 10 passive pairs wound 18" per bobbin.Bracelet of Hinojosa Kernal and Rice Stitch Prickings will be provided for both sizes of thread. If you wish to use a different thread contact Donna so she can prepare a new pricking.Hinojosa Kernal and Rice Stitches 

March 21 - This date will be an opportunity for students interested in trying bobbin lace on this date. Watch the "Beginning Classes" page for more information. Lacemakers may bring their own projects.

April 18 - Finishes with Kanella Diakoumis. More to follow.

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