Lace Day 2013 was chaired by Susie Johnson; assisted by Jane O'Connor. Jane was very involved with all aspects from Vendors to teachers to classes. Kate Wild chaired the commemorative bobbins committee. Donna Fousek chaired the food service committee and also the raffle.

Nancy Tweed was exhibit chair and Dawn Niner was in charge of the history display. Janice Blair chaired the demonstrations area. Kathleen Cantwell ordered the pins. Susie Johnson made the "Pin Safes." Brenda Glenn and Kris Johnson made a sign to sit on Ogdon giving directions to our site.

We thank our members for stepping up. Diane Haber taught our Beginning Bobbin lace class and Dianna Smith taught our intermediat Tatting class.

Brenda Glenn, Kris Johnson, Daved Wilson, Cheryl Wright helped with set up in the morning. In the afternoon, Andy Wild, Al and Janet Frederickson, Cheryl Wright, Brenda Glenn, David Wilson, and Kris Johnson helped the vendors pack up. Karen Gervais and Brenda Glenn assited with orders at Aebi's Woodworking booth. (Bet ya we missed someone.) All assistance was appreciated.

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